Sudarshan Fakir

This week Jalandhar lost one of its prized jewel. Though we reported it in Blog section, we think this week will be most appropriate to profile this Jalandhari in "Jewel of the Week" column.
Though there is no Jalandhari or of that matter any Indian who has not heard of his work, not many are familiar with his name or the fact that he was one of us Jalandharies. He did not like publicity much as he shied away from press. His name is Sudarshan Fakir. He was the source behind so many famous Ghazals,  poems and film songs.. He was 72 years old. He penned many of famous ghazals sung by Jagit Singh. He was fighting with cancer for a long time. He died on 02/18 in a private Hospital. He was cremated in Model Town last tuesday.
"Yeh Daulat bhi le Lo, Yeh shohrat bhi lelo..." who can forget these words. He also penned Yalgar song" aakhitr tujhe aana hai" or"Aadmi Aadami ko kya dega" or "Hey Ram" sung by Jagjit Singh. Fakir did MA in political science and English from local DAV College, Jalandhar. He started his career with AIR (All India Radio) and came out with a successful album "The Latest" in 80s.He also wrote lyrics for movies like Dooriyan and Prem Agan as well as dialogues for the film ‘Yalgaar’.
Fakir is survived by his wife Sudesh, son Manav, daughter-in-law Ishita and grandson Aryaman.
आज के दौर में ऐ दोस्त ये मंज़र क्यों है
ज़ख़्म हर सर पे हर हाथ में पत्थर क्यों है
— सुदर्शन फ़ाकिर —
In his own words:
zindagii tujh ko jiyaa hai koii afsos nahiin 
Sudarshan Fakir
zindagii tujh ko jiyaa hai koii afsos nahii.n 
zahar Khud piyaa hai koii afsos nahii.n mujarim ko bhii mujarim na kahaa duniyaa me.n 
bas yahii jurm kiyaa hai koii afsos nahii.n

merii qismat me.n likhe the ye u.nhii.n ke aa.Nsuu 
dil ke zaKhmo.n ko siyaa hai koii afsos nahii.n

ab gire ki shiisho.n kii ho baarish 'Fakir' 
ab kafan o.D liyaa hai koii afsos nahii.n
He will be missed by all music lovers especially Jalandharies. Please share this loss with your fellow Jalandharies.
Another gem from Sudarshan Fakir:
Saamne hai jo use log bura kehte hain,
Jisko dekha hi nahin usko khuda kehte hain !
Faasle umr ke kuchh aur bada deti hai,
Jaane kyon log use phir bhi dava kehte hain !
Chandd maasoom se patton ka lahoo hai `Fakir',
Jisko mahboob ke hathon ki heena kehte hain !
Saamne hai jo use log bura kehte hain,
Jisko dekha hi nahin usko khuda kehte hain !