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Aadab from across the border part - III

posted Jan 19, 2014, 11:22 AM by Jalandhari Kom
Continued from Part II (Click for Part II)

Uncle Ahmad Shah:

Education: High School or BA. I don’t know/remember where and what job he was doing. His wife was from Mohallah Qarar Khan, Jalandhar City.
India Pakistan 1947 Partition

Uncle Irshad:    Don’t know education, or his skills. He joined army. Later, on the
request of his wife (from basti danishmandan) he was released from
army service. At that time, a fauji (service man) was paid Rs.17 per
month. It was a world war time, (the saying went around “Indian
sacrificial goat for Rs.17 only).

Uncle Habib:      No education. Did masonry work. Moved to Bulland Shehr, then to
Ferozabad. He married there and had children.  They visited us in Pakistan. Later he died there. God may keep him in peace.  

My mother – Hussain Bibi:

Housewife – loving wife, mother; took good care of kitchen; clothing, all household. She used to prepare some energizing sweets of Alsi (flex), Dal Moong, etc. She stitched our dresses. She prepared breakfast and served to all of us in kitchen sitting of a mat.
By the time we come from school, lunch was ready.  We used to take dinner all together, father, mother, children.  After dinner we were given some fruit or sweet desert.

Brother of grandfather:    

Fazal Din. Living in Lahore. Had his own good comfortable house and annexe.  He was superviser for contruction of State Bank of Pakistan and perhaps that of GPO buildings.
He died couple of years after partition.  Had no children. His wife Janet (jannat) went back to her parents. His house was sold in his life time by him for the treatment of his injury.
 Migration / Partition travel 

When we were in a camp (during mirgration) at jalandhar cantt, one evening, he went out to fresh up for prayer and never came back. He had all the savings/jewelry on him. My uncles /brothers of my mother/ ran around, announcements made by camp management; but there was no trace.  Even after migration to Lahore; our hopes did not die down.  Time healed our injury. God keep my mother in peace and reward her best.  She took care of us well by working hard. She encouraged us to learn and to stay alive, struggle in education and to earn livelihood.  She did stitching work for money. She died in 1965.  A great mother!
To be Contd…….