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Reprint - Aadab from a Jalandhari across the border - Part I

posted Jan 7, 2014, 11:19 AM by Sachin Chhibber   [ updated Jan 7, 2014, 12:04 PM by Jalandhari Kom ]
Below was originally published on www.Jalandhari.com blog in 2008. Reprinted on demands from vistors to this site. Sh. Sheikh Sarwar ji passed away couple of years ago. May God bless his soul.

"Aadab from a Jalandhari across the border !

We received a very beautiful and touching memory letter from one of our Jalandhari brother who had to leave Jalandhar during the partition time and is now settled in USA. He wants to visit his ancestral home sometime. Please do respond if you or someone you know can trace any of individuals or shops mentioned in this letter. We will be grateful to our visitors. Here is the letter:

“Adaab. Communication mends the broken canvas; if it still leaves any traces, the tana-bana of communications and contact can fill it further.  Thanks.
I did my 5th-8th at Sanatan Dharam school in Basti Nau. Then went to Islamia High School near Basti Mithu Sahib when people parted and lost in the dust.
I could remember only one name Yes Pal – they had a sweets shop in bazaar of Basti Guzan.
People from villages; after doing their vernacular/urdu upto 8th; used to come to Sanatan Dharam school to do their english classes.  There used to be a 30 seccond “Chup Dharan” period.  Teacher used to come and sit calm quiet and so the students – to recover some energy lost by that time.  This was nice and have not heard being practiced any where – schools, or at homes; except the natural calm/quite night sleep.
We lived in Basti Danishmandan and walked to school. During summer vacation we studied at headmaster’s house in Basti Shaikh – I am sorry I don’t remember his name; very nice, kind person, sacrified his own vacation time to enhance the knowledge of his students. I wouldn’t find a person like him anywhere. My regards to him.
I do not have photograph. Just the good nice memories of sharing all festivals.  Ram Chand was a karyana shopkeeper near Central mosque in Basti Danishmandan, he was also making his own syrups; arqs, in open space in front of his shop, producing herbal tablets for cough, etc. Another person, Lal Chand? had a karyana shop near house of khan feroze khan (whose house had a tall large tree of imli (tamarind). My father used to take us to Lal Chand ji, for our sour throat and eye sores for a tree treatment. I would like to hear from anybody who is doing small business like karyana stores to earn livelihood and yet giving time and treatment to the needy; and giving free tuition to students – No one.
Sarwar Sheikh
p.s. My father’s name Barkat Ali and Grandfather Rehmatullah; uncles Ahmad Shah, Habib and Irshad.
Habib used to be friend of Badri Mal (used to make his ownsweets, near Central mosque in basti danishmandan)
Also I remember an interesting incident that took place right before the partition. One of the pilot’s in the Airforce was on training flight. When he flew over Jalandhar, he wanted to show off to his girl friend who probably was on the roof top as preplanned. Well, he showed some tricks but crashed his plane!!! We  remember talking about this modern day Ranjaha at that time.
I do not know if this can be found in old newspapers or anyone in Jalandhar remembers that incident. But it is interesting! May be others can shed some light… “
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To be continued .....