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Mistakes in Men’s Fashion That Need to Be Avoided

posted Aug 16, 2012, 9:07 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 16, 2012, 9:07 PM by Jalandhari Kom ]
It is not just women who need to be careful about the way they dress. Now even men need to be careful how you dress. The costume or the outfit has to be chosen based up the body built and height. A muscular man will goes well with any kind of outfit; men who are well built can wear tight vests and t-shirts. It really looks amazing and sexy. But if you are lean and slim avoid tight clothing, go for larger sized shirts, but not too large. Men who are slim can also wear a white tee inside their shirts, it looks neat. Avoid wearing dark colored tee and shirts if you have a dark skin tone, go for lighter shades. Similarly if you are fair, avoid colors like yellow and white. Here is a tip: If you have too much hair on your chest, remove them using proper hair removers or visit a beauty salon to keep yourself clean and neat. Hairless chest helps you to maintain personal hygiene and free from body odor. You need to remember that too much of hair products like gels and hair fixing sprays can make you look shabby. When going for a wedding or any other important occasion avoid using color gels, it will surely spoil your look. Using wet look gel is small amounts is good enough to keep your hair style neat and well combed. Use hair spray moderately, and hair sprays are basically suitable for men with short hair.

Mixing two types of jackets and pants often ends as fashion disaster! One should always need to be very careful when you are wearing suits and pants / trousers purchased from different places. For example, just because your pant and jacket are black in color, then it doesn’t mean that they can be worn together! There are many shades of blacks, so therefore you need to be very careful when mix and matching. Another terrible mistake men make is, they mix up two kinds of materials. They end up wearing a coat made of wool and a pant made from polyester. It looks ridiculous and doesn’t match at all. Another important fashion mistake that men need to avoid is their silly socks color! Many think that wearing pink or red socks inside your shoes is not noticeable. There are certain color socks that has to be worn only for a particular outfit. For example, white socks has to be worn only for sports, it will look disastrous if you wear it with your back pant and shoes. You need to make sure the color of your shoes matches with your pant color and not with your shoes

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