Baba Sodal Fair

posted Aug 23, 2012, 9:20 AM by Jalandhari Kom   [ updated Aug 23, 2012, 9:20 AM ]
The fair of Baba Sodal is associated with Sodal, a small boy who came to be respected as a baby-God. The fair is held to commemorate his death anniversary at his smadh. The fair is held once a year in the month of Bhadon which roughly corresponds to mid-September. The celebration take place on the 14th of Shukal Paksh (bright half of the lunar month), the day on which child deity left for his heavenly abode. The fair lasts for one day./ in the early hours of the morning, women come in large numbers to make offering at the smadh.
Baba Sodal Mandir Jalandhar Fair

The legend goes that Sodal was born in a family of Chadha clan of Khatri caste in Jalandhar City. It is said that one day the mother of Baba Sodal went to nearby pond to wash clothes. Despite her repeatedly asking to him to go back, he followed her. The mother lost temper and shouted at him, " Have you come here to die? Go and drown yourself in the pound." It is said that Sodal asked her three times to repeater words which she did. Sodal then plunged into the water never to appear again. According to another version, he simply fell dead on the spot ; according to still another version he transformed himself into a snake and bored himself into the earth.

The main place of worship is the smadh of Baba Sodal. In side the smadh, there is a painted portrait of Baba Sodal kept decorated with garlands and rosaries and is looked after by a separate priest. There is a pucca tank called ‘Baba Sodal-Da-Sarowar’. The offering at the smadh are distributed among the pilgrims and sprinkle a few drops on their body. Some have a dip in the tank.

Pilgrims of all religions come to fair from different parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Among the pilgrims, females preponderate who seek blessing for children and general well-being of their families.