Hariballabh Sangeet Mela

posted Aug 23, 2012, 9:16 AM by Jalandhari Kom
The famous Hariballabh Sangeet Mela is held in the memory of the sant-musician, Swami Hariballabh. It is organised at Devi Talab near the samadhi of the saint from 27 December to 30 December every year. . It is attended by classical singers and musician of repute from all over the country. According to the finding of the Punjab University, Swami Hariballabh came from a rich family of village Bajwara of district Hoshiarpur. He renounced the world and became a disciple of Swami Tulja Gir who was initiated him into the art of music. He toughs great heights in classical music and his dhrupadhs were his master pieces. Besides, being a master musician, he was a good composer of new tunes in classical music.

He attracted a large number of admirers and disciples. One of his disciples was Pandit Tolo Ram, a brahmin of Jalandhar. Besides being a lover of music, Pandit Tolo Ram had a great organizing ability and on the death of his guru ,he put himself and his heart and soul to the service of the institution. He toured far and wide and collected funds for the mela. The advent of this great master on the stage of the Hariballabh became a place of pilgrimage for all top class magicians, without distinction of cast and creed. Heardly was there a classical singer of repute who did not visit the fair.

In 1956, a regular Sangeet Academy under the aegis of the Haribhallabh Sangeet Mahasabha was formed. The object of the Academy is to setup a centre in the Punjab for teaching and research in classical music. A syllabus has already been farmed and the teaching institution has been open with the objective of holding their own examination for award of diplomas and degrees.

The shrine is the smadh of Sh. Haribhallabh Bhai buld on the bank of the tank which goes by the name of Devi Talab. It is an unassuming single small-roomed construction in which has been place lingam (phallus) of Lord Shiva which is worshipped. The people come from distant place to enjoy Indian classical music. Admission to the samelan is free as also board and lodging during the day of the fair.
For more information please check http://harballabh.org/