Understanding US behavior

posted Aug 16, 2012, 8:04 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 16, 2012, 8:04 AM ]
It's helpful to know how Americans typically will be. Otherwise you will start feeling "These people are great dramatists... ". Here are some tips: -
Americans are very friendly and helpful.
They don't make you feel like a foreigner. (Though you feel!)
It is very easy to adjust with them. But they don't like people getting very inquisitive or trying to get too personal in the initial phase of the acquaintance.
They dress casually and nobody bothers which dress you wear etc.
They are fun loving creatures and enjoy their free time. Most of them like to keep themselves physically fit by regular outings, hiking, exercise, biking, jogging etc. They love the outdoors and natural surroundings. They look forward to weekends and plan their weekend activities in advance. This usually consists of some outdoor activity.
They are frank about their opinions.
They respect individual views and allow everyone to voice their own ideas on a subject.
They have a lot of patience. Especially when standing in queues or while driving, nobody will try to jump before you in the queue. Most of them are very disciplined drivers. However this differs from State to State.
If they happen to come in your way or you happen to come in their way, you will promptly hear an "Excuse me" or "Excuse us".
They need a lot of feedback while talking. You have to acknowledge/nod continuously. Otherwise they feel you are not interested in listening or are confused.
They gesture a lot and shoot some funny (at least so it seems initially) phrases at you. It is a matter of "getting used to it".
They are "very" proud of their country. To them, the Universe is the United States. So never ever make fun of or speak lightly about them or tell them that they do not have any social/cultural background. You will make more American friends that way.
Most Americans think of India as a poor country of beggars, snake charmers and swamis etc. This is due to the insufficient and improper media coverage given to India. Their TV only shows the poor Indian villages and cows on the streets.
Hope you will be able to prove that India is a country of INTELLIGENT people like you and not just ELEPHANTS and SNAKE CHARMERS.