Our reseracch based on your feedback tillnow says NRI faces following issues for travel or otherwise related to India:

1. Getting Indian visa , PIO or Citizenship card etc.
2. Getting reasonable priced comfortable airline.
3. Dealing with Customs/duty or becoming familiar with rules etc.
4. Getting from airport to his home.
5. Finding the right place to stay and right place to eat (staying out of troublemakers)
6. Getting help with his travel within India
7. Staying out of trouble with local goondas etc.
8. Help to deal with Bureaucracy within India.
9. Help with bigger projects.

Outside of travel to India, NRI also faces so many other challenges and feel they should have someone they can trust to get work done in their absence.

We will be addressing these issues in details in coming weeks. So stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy site and if need immediate help or have any suggestion, contact us by email

If you need any help or have in Jalandhar or any kind of information please feel free to email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can provide you with a list of trusted taxi operators or other people who can be help you in all legal ways.