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Sarbjit Shahkoti

posted Aug 20, 2012, 8:08 PM by Jalandhari Kom   [ updated Aug 20, 2012, 8:08 PM ]
Today we are introducing to you a very talented Jalandhari that is making his presence felt in the western part of globe.
As to say all arts are valuable but some arts are so valuable that it lives forever and music is one of them
Sarabjit Shahkoti Jalandhari

 Sarbjit's full name is Sarbjit Gill. He is from the famous Shahkot city of Punjab, India. His father's name is Sr. Balbir Singh Gill and his late grandfather's name is Sr. Mohinder Singh Gill. His grandfather' was one of the pioneering businessmen in a the nearby Shahkot area. Sarbjit is now well known in the Shahkot area too, as his "MEET Bhangra Group" is doing very well. Sarbjit loved to sing since his childhood but from his college days while participating in cultural programs his love for  singing got deeper . 

In the past he used to do bhangra with all his heart and soul until he was in India and sung "Booliyan" (folk song) along with it, just because of this he set up his mind on music and started singing eventually too.  
 Since he loved this part of his life, he kept it alive after coming to Canada from India. After a while, he chose the line of devotional singing and came up with "Jai Durga Jagran Party" since then this Jagran Party is Known to be the founder of Jagran in vancauver Canada.
 A "Harmonium" has seven scales(sur) from which develop all "raag" in this world. This "raag" part of music has lot of strength which can make a person laugh and cry too. Every singer should have the ability to recognize the "raag". Sarbjit has a very good Knowledge of these "raags" and he was a certified artist of Jalandhar T.V. he play keyboard and harmonium very well and has performed with  alot of  the singers from Canada and from India.

Sarabjit Shahkoti Jalandhari

  When he start playing keyboard while singing  devotional singing, it touches so many hearts that all the listeners get so much into it that they clapping it seems like the whole universe is singing with him. His music Guru was Late Amarjit Shahkoti and in Jagrata it is Shri Ashok Jain Shahkoti.In devotional line he got his "aashirwad"(bless) from Shri Narender Chanchal ji. Sarbjit's devotional music will be available very soon on recorded media such as CDs and DVDs.
  He is very nice person with a very pleasing personality. His personality draws a lot of fans who gets attached to him. He has performed with his Party doing "Jagran" in most cities of Canada and U.S.A. in India as well. He is also involved in doing public service and thinks it's is duty to help needy people. His party has raised a lot of fund doing devotional programs in past years for religious organizations. The devotional listeners wish Sarbjit keeps doing better every time he performs. Apart from his devotional singing Sarbjit also started singing culture songs. He performs in well respected cultural shows as well as social events. He is very thankful to his listeners and supporters in and outside of Canada. he is wishing all those people a lot of happiness and wish to get the same respond and support in future.
Jalandhari.com wishes him a great future.