Science City

Science City has been built with its aim of learning, fun & amusement out of Science for people of all ages & all walks of life. It will arouse creativity in young minds, help in building a scientific temper in the state. The project will be dynamic in its concept, as to adapt to the rapidly developing modern technology to the main objective of this project are:
To create awareness of science in the community
To develop an interactive learning center through a playful approach.
To present the marvels of science & technology for public appreciation and understanding.
To install state of-the-Art gadgets and exhibits to support presentation.
To supplement Formal Education at grass root level.
To instill a spirit of Enquiry in the young minds.
The Science City is being developed in 71 Acres of land which has been provided free cost by the State Govt.
Participatory Exhibits of Science Wing
For popularization of Science Wing of the Council, a list of initial 20 exhibits mentioned below have been finalized. These have been cleared from the experimental stage and are now being fabricated in the Council. These exhibits would be housed in cabins made of Aluminum Panels

S.No. Exhibit’s name Concept developed

  1. A Big Sphere Mirror reflection at inclined plane
  2. Look into Infinity Reflection in parallel mirrors
  3. Illuminate the Tunnel Reflection in parallel mirrors
  4. Half Me Half You Reflection & refraction
  5. Slim & Trim Reflection in concave mirror
  6. Fatty & Bulky Reflection in convex mirror
  7. Rotate your Face Reflection in concave mirror
  8. Lattice Structure FCC, BCC & Simple Cubic structure
  9. Stereo Hearing Direction of sound & delay in hearing
  10. Mirror Room Infinite no. of Images in all direction
  11. Image Formula No. of Images vs. angle between mirrors
  12. Serving Head Illusion through vanishing body
  13. Blow the Soap Film Surface Tension & Colours in thin films
  14. Transfer of Momentum Momentum & Kinetic Energy
  15. Eye-An Aperture Eye acts as an aperture of a camera
  16. Vanishing Ball Illusion of creating a ball in space
  17. Touch Hot Filament Illusion of touching hot filament of a bulb
  18. Primary Colours Primary colours & Mixture of colours
  19. Water from Where Creating an unknown source of Water
  20. Playing Carom Ellipse has two foci