Jalandhar is believed to have emerged out of the sea. This legendary origin of Jalandhar is confirmed by some geologists who believe that once upon a time the sea stretched up to Jalandhar Doab and the neighbouring Shiwaliks of Hoshiarpur. According to the Padma Purana, the City takes its name from the great "Daitya" King , Jalandhra, the son of the Ocean.

The earliest historical mention of Jalandhar occurs in the reign of Kanishka, when about A.D. 100 a council of Buddhist Theologions met near Jalandhar chiefly for the purpose of collecting manuscripts and preparing commentaries on them.
In short following are the places one must visit if he/she is in Jalandhar. The detailed desciption follows the list.

Above list has a lot of religious places, but people familiar with Indian culture understand concept of religion in India is differenr from concept of religion in western culture. I will not like to get into political debate but wanted to make a point that you should visit these places irrespective of your religious affliations. These are more of cultural centres than religious places and huge fairs are held at many of these places. We welcome pictures or commentary of visitors to these places and will be happy to share with other users. Please email your comments/concerns.

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