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Jajja Khurd

Jajja Khurd is a village (Pind) 2 km from the market town of Apra and within close proximity of Phagwara, Philaur, Goraya and Bange. It is within the Doaba region of Punjab in India in the Jullunder district, close to the boundary of Nawanshar District. There is a majority of Sandhu/Garcha/Maan Jats residing in the village. A large Gurudwara (Sikh Temple) is present as you enter Jajja from Apra.

The closest train station is situated 8 km away in the town of Goraya.
Area in Hectares: 177

Population: 1111
(1991 Census)

Main Road: Phillaur-Apra 2 km

lat=31.0849878 lon=75.849266

The people of Jajja Khurd are considered by many as traditional Jat Sikhs, they are known to be very conservative in their values and although a large percentage of the population has emigrated to the UK, the US and Canada; they tend not adopt western culture fully i.e. continue the tradition of arranged marriage, females tend not consume alcohol as per traditional Sikh/Punjabi values. The current sarpanch (village chief) of the pind is Gurdial Singh s/o Ajit Singh gs/o Bhulla Singh Garcha