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Kahna Dhesian

Kahna Dhesian is a village near Rurka Kalan, Tehsil Phillaur, Jalandhar district, in Punjab, India


According to the 2001 Census, Kahna Dhesian has a population of 2,472 people. Neighbouring villages include Nathewal, Dhinpur, Raj Gomal, Rurka Kalan, Bundala, Pandori Musharkati and Dhani Pind.

It is said that the villages of Kahna Dhesian and Sang Dhesian were settled by members of the same family. Accordingly, the villages share the Dhesi surname. It is believed that Kahna Dhesian was settled over 600 years ago but this has not been confirmed.

The village has a Gurudwara Baba Shaheed, Mata Da Mandir, Mandir Baba Balak Nath and Baba Sahib Teli. The village is also the birth place of Shaheed Sohan Singh Dhesi. There is one Primary School and one Senior Secondary School.
Kahna Dhesian is connected by road with nearby cities of Goraya, Phagwara and the village/town of Jandiala.
Patti Mehron Ki (shiv mandir), Patti Darraz ki, Patti Khanna Darwaza

Sant Baba Tarlok Singh Ji :

Kahna Dhesian is famous for the Gurdwara of Sant Baba Tarlok Singh Ji who was born on the 26th May 1907. His father was Rajmal Singh and mother, Bishan Kaur.[3] An annual Mela is held at the Gurdwara on Baisakhi. 
After Akal Chalana of Sant Baba Tarlok Singh Ji, Saadh Sangat Ast Sant Baba Gurmail Singh Ji to be sited on Guru Gaddi Who is son of Baba Tarlok Singh Ji, and now Baba Surender Singh Ji is Hazoor Sahiban of Gurudwara Kahna Dhesia.
The History of the Dera
"The world is so ailing today that the sacred Name of God is the only hope to meet its cure". This quote defines the ideology of Sant Tarlok Singh ji. Sant ji was born on May 26, 1907 A.D. at Dhesian Kahna, District Jalandhar. His father's name was Rajmall and his mother's name was Bishan Kaur. He was a man of his times who spent all his life in Simran of Naam and showing God's way to the misguided people. He was just like the pole star in the celestial sphere. He publicized the eternal 'Bani' by going throughout the world and even the remote villages and enlightened many a soul by giving them God's Name. Hence, got them rid of narcotics and the other backward rituals and ceremonies. Sant ji constructed a 7 storey Satsang Ghar under his guidance and supervision which is an eternal masterpiece of art. Also he constructed a pond of Spiritual Nectar (Amrit) that vanishes all pains and and miseries. Sant ji Spread the message of equality among all religions places and castes and eradicated the sense of dissertation by stressing upon 'Name' enchanting and arranging the community kitchen. The spiritual lecture (satsang) that Sant ji used to deliver brought about tranquility to everybody's soul. Sant ji laid roads that lead to the high school under his supervision. He fulfilled all his commitments regarding religious and financial aspects . On every "sangrand" in the presence of holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib a spiritual discourse is performed. This discourse is attended by 'Sangat' from lndia and abroad. Blessed with his grace Sant ji ended the course of his this life on December 3, 1974. Moving on his foot steps Sant Gurmail Singh ji continued the good work that his father, his mentor had begun.
Sant Gurmail Singh Ji
Sant Gurmail Singh ji was born in 1935. His father's name was Sant Tarlok Singh ji and mother's name was Bibi Beant Kaur. Sant Tarlok Singh ji had seen a shine in Sant Gurmail Singh Ji as a young boy and had nominated him as his own successor. On 5th Dec 1974 after Sant Tarlok Singh ji left for his heavenly abode Sant Gurmail Singh ji continued and added to the good work his father had begun. Sant ji preached the sole philosophy of the living guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji. As it is written in the Holy Book "All men are equal and God is One". Sant Gurmail Singh ji adopted these teachings from the Holy Book in the construction of the ideology of the satsang ghar. Everyone is treated equal, rich or poor, man or woman and there is no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, color, creed or gender. lt has been Sant Ji's endeavor to provide the three basic amenities of life food, clothing and shelter to anyone who avails. The satsang ghar offers, without any bias, 3 meals a day (langar), boarding, lodging and clothes to the needy. There is no pressure on anyone to convert to a particular religion. But all are welcome to the satsang (holy discourse). Also fulfilling his social obligations Sant ji raised a strong word against female foeticide. Sant ji himself had helped thousands of distressed people by means of providing financial help for weddings and creating employment opportunities. Sant ji strongly opposed to the blind rituals prevalent in the society. Sant ji considers the words of the holy Guru Granth Sahib ji as the true Guru. Sant Gurmail Singh ji ended his mortal journey on 14th Feb 2009.
His Dream
The limitation in the availability of good education in the country side, where a large majority of lndians live is very poor. lt was this void in the sector of education that had been agitating the mind of Sant Gurmail Singh Ji for long, therefore he decided to gift an educational institution at par with any best school in the country to the people of this area. lt was Sant Gurmail Singh ji's dream to educate the children in and around the area of Dhesian Kahna and transform the area by developing excellent professionals, sportsman, musicians, administrators, artists, philosophers and economists.