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Kukkar Pind

Kukkar Pind is a large village in Jalandhar (ਜਲੰਧਰ), Punjab (ਪੰਜਾਬ), with a population of around 5000, located near Jalandhar Cantt and very close to the famous Haveli restaurant.

The inhabitants of the village are mainly Sikh, although most other religions are represented. In the past century many people have migrated from Kukar Pind to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Philippines and arab countries. Kukkar Pind has the characteristics of a traditional LEDC village, it is surrounded by farmland and has around six community Sikh Gurudwara. The village is situated 0.65 km from famous Haveli restaurant.

KUKAR PIND is well known for supplying its sports talent in the game of FIELD HOCKEY. This village produced some great players such as MR. SHIV DUTT who served as coach of INDIAN NATIONAL TEAM (WOMEN) and played elite hockey in the department of WESTERN RAILWAYS in the late sixties and seventies. Despite representing several times INDIAN RAILWAYS team , he got the honour to be captain of this great outfit of India, was among the probables for national team many times. His late wife was an international athlete also. PARAMJIT SINGH BAHIA represented the CANADIAN national team from 1979 - 1982, and competed in many competitions including the Pan-American Games and World Cup. SARABJIT SINGH BAHIA s/o S. SANTOKH SINGH BAHIA represented Indian national team, and used to play for the Punjab police . TEJINDER SINGH AUJLA (Teji) s/o S..Nirmal Singh Aujla, was a prominent member of BSF JALANDHAR for quite a number of years, represented Punjab state in nationals, was among the probables for Indian national team many times, played ITALIAN LEAGUE. nowadays serving as Assistant Coach of Canadian National Team (Junior). JARNAIL SINGH AUJLA and TARSEM SINGH BAHIA used to play from Western Railways Bombay presented Nationals. SUB. NARANJAN SINGH BAHIA, represented SERVICES squad in 1984 HARJINDER SINGH BAHIA moved from KUKAR PIND to new york ,he played in pakistani known club zindabad 1985 he was selected in the US national team camp ,because of the immigration document he was disqualified from the camp AMRIK BAHIA and MANJIT BAHIA sons of S. Resham Singh Bahia, JASPINDER SINGH BHOPARAI, GURDEV SINGH BAHIA, GURSHARAN SINGH BAHIA ( both BSF) S. Kewal Singh Bahia (Canada) were great talents of this village. Today, among the youngsters notable players are, LALLY ( Punjab Police) GURPREET SINGH. This village has the luxury of having a floodlit light synthetic field. HARVINDER SINGH BAHIA who was born in Kukar Pind on April 3, 1955 became Chief Engineer of Punjab Irrigation Department in year 2010. His brothers GURSHARAN SINGH BAHIA is Executive Engineer (PSEB) and RAJINDER SINGH BAHIA (Canada) is Senior Manager in a Financial Institution.
BALWANT SINGH BAHIA - Active Manager of Smethwick Hockey Club U.K. BAKHSHISH SINGH BAHIA - s/o SARBJIT KAUR BAHIA - Indian gymkhana hockey club player"