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Paddi Khlasa

Paddi Khalsa is a village in the tehsil of Phillaur, sub-tehsil of Goraya, Jalandhar district, in Punjab, India.

According to the 2001 Census, Paddi Khalsa has a population of 1,455 people. The village has 196 acres (0.79 km2).[3] Neighbouring villages include Virk, Jalandhar (also known as Birka), Indna Klaske, Meerapur, Kala, Paddi Jagir, Gohawar, Chachrari, Jamalpur, Mouli and Chachoki.

It is said that the Somal families living in the village originally settled from the neighbouring village of Mouli, which also has a number of families with the Somal surname.

The village is famous for the eye camp at the Guru Nanak Mission Hospital which is held annually