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Sarai Khas

Sarai-Khas (affectionately known as "Biby Pind" and "Sarawa") is a village in Jalandhar, Punjab. Nearest city is Kartarpur. The small village has a population of around 7,000 people, many of whom are farmers.

This Village was started by Atto Jatt Sarai (About 300+ years ago) and he had four sons named Uttam (Billa), Ram Ditta (Chela), Bura (Bura) & Bhagari (Bhagari) now the village was also divided in four Parts Billa, Bura,Bhagari & Chela.
The First Name of this village was Sarawan but due to similarity of names and to avoid the confusion among names this village was renamed as Sarai Khas from Sarawan after Indo-Pak Partition. It has a population Of More than 7000 which contains mostly farmers.and many families living outside India.