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Shankar  is a village in the Nakodar tehsil of Jalandhar district in East Punjab (Indian Punjab).

Shankar lies on the Nakodar-Jandiala Road. The nearest Railway station to this village is Shankar Railway station about 2 km from the village. One of the oldest villages of the state of Punjab, this great village has given birth to many a scholarly people, politicians, army officers, engineers, doctors, prominent teachers and journalists. Late S. Pratap Singh was the President of SGPC for three terms (1933-36), his son Late S. Swaran Singh has been the longest serving cabinet minister of govt. of India. he served as Minister for External Affairs, Railways, Defence, Food, Science and Technology in the ministries of Pt. Nehru, Mr. Shastri and Mrs. Gandhi. Late. S Balbir Singh was the health minister of Punjab.