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Talhan is a village in Jalandhar District, near the Jalandhar Cantonment, in Punjab.

According to the 2001 Census, Talhan has a population of 2,946 people.The village has 369 acres (1.49 km2). 60% of the population is from the scheduled caste and are mainly from the xxx caste. Talhan hosts the annual Baba Shaheed Nihal Singh Ji Jor Mela which is a big attraction in Jalandhar. Neighbouring villages include Parasrampur, Kotli Than Singh, Bhakriana, Semmi, Salempur Masanda, Dhanowali, Dakoha, Dhilwan and Puranpur. However, the majority of the population is from the Adi-Dharmi caste.

Baba Shaheed Nihal Singh Ji

Talhan is famous for its Shaheedi Jor Mela which is held annually in the memory of Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Ji. The 58th Jor Mela was held on 20-06-09 & 21-06-09.

Baba Niahal Singh belonged to the neighbouring village of Dakoha. Baba Nihal Singh Ji made pulleys for drinking water wells. He served the people by installing the pulleys at the base of the well. Local people believe that as Baba Ji was divine, no matter which water well Baba Ji installed a pulley, the water wells never dried up and the water remained sweet.

On one occasion, Baba Ji met with a fatal accident, whilst installing a pulley. As a result, Baba Ji became a martyr whilst serving the people.

The people of Talhan constructed a shrine (Samadh) in Talhan. The shrine was looked after Baba Ji's associate, Harnam Singh. After Harnam Singh's death, the followers cremated him next to Baba Ji's Samadhi.

The two shrines have now become a grand Gurudwara. An annual Mela is held to mark the death anniversary ("Barsi") of Baba Ji. This Mela is a grand event in Jalandhar.There are sports events like Kabbadi, volleyball and tug-of-war. Gatka displays are held.

The Gurudwara runs a fully modernised charitable hospital and has recently acquired a Doppler Scan Machine for colour scans.

The village also has shops, a bank, Jathera, a Secondary School, a Mosque, temples, a Post Office and other Gurdwara's located in various parts of the village.

Talhan has a mixed population of Sikhs and Hindus. The village also has one Muslim family whose Iqbal Bibi is the sole caretaker of the "mazaar" (dargah) of Pir Baba Fateh Shah Qadir. The "mazaar" is located in the north-west of Talhan and is about a kilometre from Gurdwara Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Ji. The "mazaar" includes three graves, a “tomb” and the care taker is Baba Paramjit Bains. The village participates in the annual urs or Mela where Qawwali's and folk singers perform.

Talhan Caste Conflict

The Talhan conflict is a very important event in the assertion of dalit rights in Punjab. In June 2003, Talhan hit the headlines in when a forceful assertion of the majority dalit community  took on members of the Jat community; they wanted a share on the governing committee of the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Ji Gurdwara. Though the dalit community form more than 60 percent of Talhan's 3,000-strong population, they were denied a share in the committee.
As a result of a protracted dispute between the villagers, members of the dalit and other communities engage in running all aspects of the village administration