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Virk is also known as Birka/Virka. It is a village near Phagwara, but falls within Tehsil Phillaur, Jalandhar district, in Punjab, India.

According to the 2001 Census, Virk has a population of 5,195. Neighboring villages include Chachoki, Indna Klaske, Paddi Khalsa, Jamalpur and Mouli.


All legends narrating the history of the Virk village point to its origins in the Punjab in Pakistan.

The Virks of Virk are known as Birk in India. The village Virk is also known as Birka. This is because the local Punjabi dialect in Jalandhar is Doabi which drops the letter "v" at the start of a word and replaces it with the letter "b". This is what differentiates Doabi Virks/Birk from the rest of Punjab.


There are three legends as to the origins of the Doabi Virks.

Legend 1: A Virk was passing by in the region from his native Sheikhupura (now in Pakistan) and stopped at a well. The owner of the well and the land had a daughter and no sons. He offered the passing Virk the hand of his daughter in marriage and his inheritance. The Virk said that he would think it over and went on. Upon his return, he went to the same person and accepted. Thereafter he founded the village of Birk (now also called Virk/Virka/Birka).

Legend 2: An elderly Virk was passing through the region which is now Virk/ Birka village. The owner of that whole region was in trouble because of a dispute between two communities. Virk being a very experienced old man suggested that the owner should bring a third community to settle which will stop the fighting. The owner asked him to settle on the land, the Virk accepted. Then he formed the villages Virk/Birka and Reru.

Legend 3: Some people believe the ancestry of the Virk (Birk) families lies in Chubarkhan in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Virk has the Baba Jhanda Ji Gurudwara and Sant Baba Phullan Ji Gurudwara.