Fish Aquarium in Jalandhar

Fish Aquarium in Jalandhar

Originally posted Aug 23, 2012, 10:09 AM by Jalandhari Kom

Wow, First plan of Punjab Govt. of building Casino in Ludhiana and now plan of building Fish Aquarium in Jalandhar by Jalandhar Municipal Corporation. Seems governments are on a roll to attract tourists to Punjab while opponents are calling it a deal to grab land worth crores of Rupees and disguising as development.             

Manila Ocean Park do operate a wonderful aquarium in Philippines and one of picture is atached here. Only problem is aquarium needs a large supply of water which I am sure even municipal corporation is not sure of. BTW, Phillipines is composed of more than 7000 islands and the aquarium are generally suited for these kind of situations where water is available in plenty.

Well we will see if the aquarium turns out to be a real aquarium or a portable aquarium like pictured below 🙂 wishes municipal corporation and Jalandhar ocean Works Pvt Ltd the very best which I think they need a lot of.

 Foundation stone of building an aquarium and food court in Jalandhar in Company Bagh near municipal corporation office was laid by local bodies minister Chunni Lal Bhagat and mayor Rakesh Rathor on Thursday evening ( August 23rd 2012).

The project on Built Operate and Transfer basis has been given to wholly owned subsidiary of Manila Ocean Park which is Philippines based company . The corporation would provide 4500 yards space and the company would built the third generation aquarium along with a food court at a cost of around Rs 30 crores and would operate it for 45 years. It would give annual lease money of Rs 11 lakhs to the MC which would increase 10 percent every year.

“The concept has been conceived to provide a unique recreation place to residents and it would also help to increase their understanding about aquatic life,” said mayor Rathore.”The project will be completed in two years and the Corporation will get total around Rs 100 crores in the 45 years from the lease money of the project””.

Earlier MoU for the project was signed by MC mayor Rakesh Rathore and Manila Ocean Park vice President Armi Cortis. The company has formed a wholly owned company – Jalandhar ocean Works Pvt Ltd – for running and executing the project.

Corporation and company officials said that the aquarium would have Touch Pool, Interactive Zone, Feeding Demonstration and a 4D Show apart from a high end dining restaurant based on aquarium theme.

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